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  Online counseling about spiritual warfare

 Have you ever asked yourself,

"Why is the Body of Christ so weak and defeated today?"

Are you...

  • Plagued with Unforgiveness?
  • Feeling guilty and condemned over your past?
  • Depressed?
  • Emotionally hurt?
  • Feeling insecure or inadequate, or struggling with a low self-image?
  • Addicted to alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or pornography?
  • Driven by lusts and perversion?
  • Feeling "just plain defeated" in life?

This oppression of Christians is the work of Satan. It is called "demonization". Satan has accomplished this work through demonic spirits operating in the lives of Believers who do not abide in Christ and submit to truth or having sat under fasle doctrines.   This site was designed to help set you free. Be sure to read the free teachings and the "Hot Topics" section below.They explain about some of the activities that open doors to demonization.

**If you think that you might be experiencing the effects of demonization in your life, fill out a   Counseling Questionnaire    We will get a Biblical answer back to you to help you overcome and be free.  Click on the text link above to request a questionnaire via email.    

(Please allow up to 7 days for a response since we recieve many)


Free Teachings at

1) The War is Real
2) Signs of a Demonized Person
3) Understanding Deliverance

Hot Topics

All free for your viewing!

 Slain in the Spirit / Demonic False Doctrine

Homosexuality - Being gay is demonic

Doctrines of Demons

What about Tongues?

Harry Potter Warning! 
Read your horoscope? & other occult stuff
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Multiple Personality Disorder
"Pokemon" & kids' toys
Masons & Eastern Star

 Halloween Warning 

Still Not Convinced?

You need the War Manual


The War Manual will help you overcome demons and live in spiritual victory!
...Read The War Manual!

The War Manual was authored by Bill Niland. A full teaching manual dedicated to fully equip you in the truth about spiritual warfare according to the Scriptures and the many years of warfare ministry.

A must for every Believer.
Makes a riveting church or small group study, too.

Now available in Paperback
for only $15.99!

Tell Me More about Spiritual Warfare

"Words fail me as to how moved and deeply grateful I am for your 'War Manual.' This is the best-written, most penetrating spiritual book I've ever read other than the Bible Itself."

God Bless,
Paul Z.
California, USA

"I just want to say to ALL Christians out there, that for ALL Battles of ALL Kinds--from small to large to impossible--I encourage you to buy this book. It leads you to discover POWER, VICTORY, THE ARMOR OF WAR, THE TRUTH THAT WILL SET YOU FREE, HOW TO WALK WITH THE KING, HOW TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY. And for all those that God has placed in your path, they will also benefit by getting the FREEDOM that this book shows you. The War Manual, which constantly refers to the BIBLE as its source, is formatted in such a way that you just KNOW God designed it for YOU to read."

Cindy Gonzalez, 42
single mom of two children
New Braunfels, Texas  

Click HERE to find out more about "The War Manual" and how you can get one!

About the Author

Bill Niland is a knowledgeable warrior in the area of spiritual warfare. He has dealt with demons in spiritual combat since 1986. And he has experienced them his entire life prior to his transfer from Satan's kingdom to God's kingdom. 

He understands their plans and strategies. Through years of helping people to be freed from demonic strongholds, he has been  threatened by demonic spirits manifesting to him, telling him to stay out of their affairs. He has created this site to help you know the REALITY of the unseen war that rages over God's people. Also to teach you how to stand and overcome the attacks of the enemy...

Read more about  Bill Niland

Read "A Cry for Help" section:
--Real letters from visitors or people I have counseled!

Read "A Letter from Satan to Christians Today"
--It'll make you think!

Read "Satan's Meeting"
--Read this...even if you're busy!

You are welcome to contact me with your questions and comments

not related to counsel,  via  E-mail

( Please note....this is not for requesting counsel forms. For the form, follow counsel form link on the left)

Also let me know what I could add to this site to serve you better,

and how you liked the site.

Thank You!

The war is real. The spirits are real. The people are real. You're in it whether you know it or not. Don't be a war casualty. Be victorious!
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