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I was born in Amityville, Long Island, in January of 1960. I was raised in an extremely dysfunctional environment. I never had a joyful relationship with my parents nor do I have any relationship with them today by their choice. I have an older sister and a younger brother. They also do not have a good relationship with our parents. I have always felt rejected, abandoned, and unloved. I could never measure up to their standards, nor could anyone else. This caused me to feel unworthy all my life prior to being saved.

My Uncle Harry took note of this and he acted as a dad to me. He taught me how to be a boy and do all the things guys do; fish, play ball, wrestle, etc. He was the one main person in my life that accepted me for who I was and cared for me. If not for him, one could only guess how I might have turned out. To this day I consider him my earthly father figure.
As I grew up in a Godless environment, and raised in the cult "religion" of the Catholic Church, I never knew God or that He was real. As a preteen, I got caught up in occult activities and selfish living. I had always seen things moving in my room as far back as 5yrs old. No one would ever believe me and thought I had just imagined things. As I got involved in occult activities such as Ouija boards, seances and stuff, I started seeing even more spirits at night. They would scare the daylights out of me. I did not believe in God; instead, I adopted a stupid theory that all things evolved--except humans were brought here by UFO's (which are also demon manifestations, by the way).
No one ever believed me about the spirits I could see, and they all thought I was nuts. I pretty much lived for me and all I could get, and just to have fun. I was a mean, angry type, and would kick your butt if you looked at me wrong. I got involved in drinking, partying, and smoking pot. I got involved in very promiscuous sexual activities. I yearned to be loved and accepted, but did not get any from my parents, so I tried through female relationships. That never fulfilled me as I thought it would. I could go on and on about such garbage, but don't feel it to be needed. (NOTE: Since coming to Christ, I am free of ALL of the above.)
When I was 21, I got married to the only woman that ever understood me and would listen to me. She fulfilled almost all the empty parts of my life, but something was still missing! Strange things would still be happening around the house and even my wife began to notice...finally someone else who didn't think I was nuts! Then in the early fall of 1985, a small, still voice spoke to me and said, "Bill, I'm real. Find me out." Now for a man who did not believe in God, somehow I knew this voice to be God. I cannot explain it--only that God calls you where you can relate, and being that paranormal things and voices were commonplace to me, I believe that's how God penetrated my futile thinking to call me.
I was now on this quest to know this God, and started going to a church, even though it taught wrong doctrine. I started watching Christian TV shows and reading. Before all this you could not get me to darken the doors of a church. I used to make fun of or beat up Christians. Finally in the fall of 1986, I fell to my knees and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. He truly is God. He began to prove this to me through miracles and answered prayer. Plus, I was fortunate enough to be discipled by a retired pastor whose name was Jim Moody.
Things again started manifesting, telling me they wanted me back. I now know these things to be demons--not ghosts or figments, or unexplainable phenomena, but Demons. They were attacking me, my wife, and my kids. They could all tell you stories that would make your hair stand up on the back of your neck. At first in my new Christian walk, I did not understand it, nor did I know of the authority I had over them. One even said to me, "I have more power over you than Jesus does." I said, "No you don't, be gone in the name of Jesus." ...And WOW--he left! I used to be afraid of them and their threats, but through the years of growing in the Lord, in experience, and in knowledge of The Word of God, I realized who I was in Christ and the power and authority I walked in. Now when I walk into a room they flee; not because of me, but because of Him who's in me! [JESUS]
The search was over the day I came to know God. All the emptiness was filled in Him. I'm now complete. I'm free from the bondage of sin and death. I walk in faith and victory. The stories of demon attack would take a book to fill. Maybe that will happen some day. I did come to realize one very important thing. Why did God allow me to see demon spirits, even to this day? Simple: He had a call on my life to do spiritual warfare and train up others. I needed to know the reality of the demonic world, to make it real and a burden in my heart. I believe in this fight and battle for God's Kingdom with fervor and a righteous anger toward the demons. They hate me...and I HATE them!
I know their plans, their strategies, how they operate, how they attack, and how they get a foothold in a Christian's life. I know how to make them leave and how to set Christians free from their enslavement. This is why they hate me and attack me. I expose them and fight them as the Bible commands. Many accuse me of glorifying demons, but that is far from the truth. I glorify God alone!...and walk in obedience and Biblical truth.
My life has been threatened by manifesting demon spirits, as well as demons manifesting through people and even organizations such as the Masons. Nothing will stop me from my calling: no demon, no unbelieving Christian, no Pastor. You may not believe any of this, but that will not change the fact that this is as real as the Bible says it is. If you don't believe, it's because demons are blinding you to the truth so they can partially control you at their will. Sorry, but that's the way it is!
I have been counseling and helping people to be delivered and set free of demonic strongholds and demonization since 1986 now. Most of the time it's as simple as bringing them to the truth from God's Word, leading them to renouncing what they allowed, showing them why they MUST submit to God, and prayer. There are the times when there is severe demonization when the demons will manifest and speak out and try to defy and challenge you. Through the power of Jesus, and my unwavering faith, I maintain vigilance and never stand down.
My deepest prayer is that Christians would wake up and fight... that they would put their armor on, stand, abide in Christ, and live in freedom! I want all Christians to understand the reality of the spirit world and the battle going on around them. I know not everyone is called to do what I do, but all Believers are called to apply it in their own spiritual walk daily, and / or to help or encourage a fellow Believer understand and be free.
In closing, thank you for opening your eyes, ears, and mind to God's Word. Please pray for me. I know this testimony was short, but nevertheless, I hope powerful enough to convince you to seek God on this matter.
May the Lord show you,
In His service,
Bill Niland