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Bill Niland's Credentials

God called me in August of 1986, at the age of 26, when He saved me and transferred me from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. I was discipled by Pastor Jim Moody in the things of God and in the understanding of one's identity in Christ. I represent the Kingdom Glory as an Ambassador for Christ. I operate in the authority that Christ Jesus delegated to believers, for the glory of God the Father.

You can read more about my personal history and testimony here.

God has assigned me the following spiritual gifts for service to Him:

  1. Primary gifts: Discernment / Faith
  2. Secondary gifts:Teaching / Wisdom

I also have the following experience:

  • 32 years of Biblical, one-on-one counseling with God's Word
  • 18 years of Biblical, group teaching/leading (6 to 30+ people)
In addition to this, I am also a 1993 graduate of the "Christian Helplines International" counseling ministry (Click here to see my diploma) (Pops up in new sure your pop-up blockers are off)
Having graduated and completed the prescribed hours and courses in: Personal Counseling, Personal Evangelism, and Crisis Intervention, I am well-equipped as I continue in this ministry.

Through the authority of Christ, I cast demons out regularly in this ministry. I successfully deal with MPD and DID disorders since these are problems of a spiritual nature, and not treated with a pill as the world attempts to do (with no success).

I currently counsel 2-3 people per week. People from all across the world contact me by referrals. I am blessed by success testimonies that far exceed those of the world of psychologists, with their flawed humanist thinking.

I am the author of "The War Manual", a spiritual warfare handbook based on Biblical fact. I am a man of great faith and confidence in the Lord--a man of trusted integrity.

Please contact me and let me know if I can be of service to you in any way.

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