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  A Cry for Help!

A Cry for Help!

The following are examples of the types of letters this ministry receives from people that are hurting. I receive a minimum of 10 to 20 letters and phone calls per day just like this one. Rest assured that all are currently being counseled--or have already been delivered and are living in freedom. I assure you, I address every need that is made aware to me.

These are posted so you can understand the REALITY of the destruction that the enemy causes in peoples' lives.

This page is updated frequently, so please check back!

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Hi Bill,

I am in need of advice. I am a Christian and have a 6-year-old son who has always been a happy boy. He recently has become angry and aggressive. I never allowed Pokeímon things in our home, but I started slipping and he started watching the shows. He went to play with a boy across the street, and his brother introduced him to the Poke'mon and Magic games and he has been playing it.

Since then, he has been hitting and screaming and doesn't remember his outbursts. He's like another child. It has actually become worse since I moved into this house about 6 months ago, but is getting worse every day. When I go to my parentís home for a few days, he is back to his normal self; I come home and he is angry. It's come to the point that I am leaving this home this week and we are putting the house up for sale and moving back to the area near my parents (where we used to live). I'll come here on the weekends to get our home together for sale. I wanted to move anyway because the chaos here has made me unhappy and I'm not very thrilled with the area anyway. My husband is starting to finally see the changes. What is going on?


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I am still in shock as I write this email. My husband and I have raised our children on Christian videos, home schooled with Christian books, and shielded them from any cartoons with witchcraft etc. Our daughters are 12 and 7. We also have a one-year-old baby boy.

We have just discovered that our daughters have watched 2 of the Harry Potter movies over and over again. When we moved here, we could only get satellite and they said we had to get the free movie channels for 3 months. I even called to tell them to take them off. They could not. I did not know how to lock the channels either. I could always trust the girls so didn't think there was a problem. They are like model saints. If you met them you would know what I mean. They really had us fooled.

God had me give them an hour-long speech on the tricks of the devil, inherited weaknesses etc. I didn't know why at the time. Then after the speech I guess our 12 year old was convicted and tore up pages of spells she had written down from the Harry Potter movie. I found them in the trash and taped them together. I could not believe it. We pray for other people's deliverance from demons, and are even called to the ministry. We can't quite understand this.

We prayed over them and also made them renounce all witchcraft. It brought strife into this house between everyone. My husband even lost money at his job because of the demonic spirits brought in here. We are usually very aware, very in-tune-to-God Christians. I do thank God that he finally got through to us! Although we just opened our satellite bill and there were 2 pay-per-view Harry Potter movies on the bill! We would have known eventually. My older daughter, who is 12, has been taught the Bible and has been in anointed services and meetings more than most Christian children. Now she was saying she wants to go to England and go to the Harry Potter School to be a witch.

We will continue praying over the children but any help with getting them unpolluted by the devil would be greatly appreciated. I am going to have her write a lesson on the dangers of witchcraft and Harry Potter. She used to do Bible teachings on video when she was 9 and 10 years old. Of course, we have now locked most of the TV channels. We must share the blame in this for sure. They will be taught every day about the evils of witchcraft in movies and books and how it affects their own home and family. We even taught them about why it was wrong to watch the Harry Potter movies when they first came out.

Then they lied over and over again when we confronted them with what we knew they did. It has been devastating to us as parents. Hopefully, we will be able to warn other children and parents of the dangerous effect this can have on everyone. I wondered why I couldn't pray as easily and my husband and I couldn't agree on anything. Out of the blue he mentioned divorce one day and we weren't arguing over anything significant. I knew something was really wrong at that point. Little did we know that our children were opening the door to the devil under our very noses!

We will continue to cast out demons that the Holy Spirit brings to our attention, but I don't see that the children are truly repentant, and ask for your help. I do believe God will use this and we can help other families. There is a lot of deliverance needed from these Harry Potter movies alone.


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I was just in your room on paltalk with the nickname ________, and so I went to your website and read your testimony. Thanks. I never tell people what I went through because they would never believe it, but I have went through what you said-- lots of attacks. I raised a little girl alone and she got attacked too. Most of the demons and the attacks are gone now since I got saved and got some deliverance.

However, there is one that won't leave. I think he is the only one left but I don't know. I had thought he was gone for a while, since he wasn't attacking me for a while. He was hiding I guess because now he comes back and torments me for like 2 weeks, then leaves, then comes back again for another few weeks. He just comes and goes. I don't want to tell you too much, but I will say he calls himself my husband. I am 50 yrs old and never got married because he never would let me. I am his only he claims. However, I am Jesus's, I belong to Him alone. This demon won't leave. I don't sin sexually with anyone, I haven't in 30 yrs. I don't drink or do anything of the occult or anything. I just am a Christian and go to church and read my Bible. I don't know why I can't get rid of him. I am afraid to tell my pastor. I think he would not know what to do. I can not tell him or anyone what the demon does to me. I have been driven almost insane by him. He calls himself "Ishi."

I haven't the strength any more to fight him. I don't give in like I used to, but he torments me. He has said he will kill me but I know he can't. I said to him, "If you could have, you would have by now." I also tell him, "I belong to Jesus."

Please help.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed your website on demons and deliverance from them. I have a big question for you, though.

My husband and I are presently associate ministers in a newly founded deliverance ministry. My spouse and I understand the war against demons and have seen them throughout our life, as we grew up in church, manifest themselves through Christians and sinners alike. The situation that we have most recently encountered involves a young (25) year old man who is plagued with demons. He attended the church diligently for the first 6 months of the ministry we're in and worked the video camera. The Pastor has known him for several years.

However, a few months ago, this young man left the church with no word whatsoever, except family problems. He recently just came back to the church. As the first part of praise and worship came to a close the other Sunday, he remained bowed to the floor. The Pastor approached him and asked if he wanted prayer. He came to the altar and then his expression changed. He lunged at Pastor, threw the platform--which split into 2--and became very violent. My husband had to restrain him and the ministers began pleading the blood and speaking the Word of God over him. The demon in him was still violent, so they carried him out into the vestibule where they continued to speak the Word and command the demon to come out in the Name of Jesus. The demon spoke out of him and said he was going to kill this man. My husband was slightly cut from the violent nature of the demon in this man.

After about 3 hours, the man seemed free and was calm and did not know what had happened. However, my husband sensed he was not delivered as he had stated. This man came back to church on Wednesday and again disrupted the service. He was at the altar and literally threw a guest against the wall and then threw him again against the organ, causing it to almost turn over. Imagine the strength of this demon.

This young man with the demon will not acknowlege that there is any sin in his life and says he is saved and free.

Do we continue to let him come to church or tell him that we will do a separate deliverance session with him, but until he is willing to be delievered, ask for forgiveness and confess his sins, he can no longer come into the church, because he is putting the other members' lives at risk. With today's new laws, and people suing the church, I feel allowing this man to continue to do this is putting the church into a liability situation also. The Pastor has asked for my husband's and my advice regarding this situation and we understand that it is hard for him, because this man is a personal friend of his.

Please respond quickly.

Dear Brother,

Thank you for your reply. It is really encouraging to hear that you are not a Pentecost, thank GOD.

I am in INDIA. For the past few years I am possessed by a Evil Spirit. Please help me. If you say for me to go to church, I am staying in the church, because if I go home I am not able to go to church. I read the Bible daily. I pray daily but I am unable to fast and pray. I don't go to movies. I don't go to women. In the past my major weakness was masturbation, and I still do.

I was a member of ICOC lead by keap Mekeen. Then I joined a Pentecostal church and I am possessed now. I attend a Protestant church now. This Spirit comes and has sex with me. Please help me, thanking you.


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From: Susan (Last name & email address has been omitted for privacy.)
To: Ambassador Bill Niland
Subject: My story

I hope I do this right. You will have to forgive me if this is long or I ramble. I am going to tell you bits and pieces of my life that I feel is where I could have received some of the demonic activity in my life.

First of all, let me tell you the reason I feel I have demons. The Lord has been faithful through my whole life. I would never blame Him for anything. He has always been there for me, even when I did not deserve it. I had a drug problem in my late teens and to my early 30s. I begged the Lord to take this away from me, because I knew I could not do it myself. He was faithful and I was delivered. He delivered me from alcohol and cigarettes as well.

But, I have something else that He has not delivered me from yet. This is where I think the demonic thing is at.

I am 5'5" tall and weigh 375 pounds. When I was 5, I started gaining weight. At 6 I was already over 100 pounds. My parents tried to help me lose weight, but it would always come back. Doctors say there is nothing wrong with me and I just need to diet. When I am not eating, I feel like there is this invisible force urging me to just eat and eat. I have had Christians say to me, "I wonder what sin that you have in your life to keep you this fat?" This does not help me either. People stare at me, laugh at me, and are just plain mean to me all the time.

I do have some things in my life that I feel have contributed maybe... When I was 5 we lived in a house that was haunted. The spirits were visible only to me. They would torment me constantly. They would chase me around my room at night. They would grab at me through my mattress. They even tried to kill me. My parents would find me laid at the top of the stairs asleep. They said it was as if someone scooped me out of the bed sheets and all and placed me there. My life was a living hell there. I never said anything to my parents until I was in my 20s. As a child, I guess I figured it was not real or something.

Then when I was 8, my brother started molesting me. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I did not tell my parents. He kept this abuse up until I was 16. He even told my male cousin and that cousin started doing the same thing to me. I blame myself for not stopping it.

When I was 12 I went to a retreat with my mom. I accepted the Lord. However, my mom was a new Christian and we had no one in the area we lived to help us on our walk. My whole walk has been like I have been out there floundering and trying to figure things out on my own. I have been to so many churches and under so many teachings that my thinking is now that. I don't care what anybody tells me. if it is not in the Bible and Jesus and the apostles didn't say it or do it, then it isn't right.

I am just a big mass of confusion. I want to serve the Lord and do what He wants me to do. I want to be the person I am supposed to be. But, I am not. I live in constant fear that if I die I will go to Hell. Even then, I would not blame the Lord. Because if I was there, I know I must deserve it. I have had people say that I am not truly saved. So, I live in fear all the time. I don't understand how I can have this desire for the Lord and want to do what is right if I am not saved. I know this must be difficult to decipher. I am jumping around a lot. But, my life is unravelling around me. I am being tormented by death spirits lately. I ask the Lord to forgive me of things. And I think I am truly sorry for it, but, then when I do something again, I was not truly sorry for it.

I am so sorry... I am looking at this thinking. "this is so jumbled around that this guy must be thinking I am a fruit loop!" Let me just end this here and send it to you. Ask me anything and I will answer you. I don't have anything to lose. I was into a lot of things throughout my life and I cannot begin to cover everything here. I just hope there is help. I don't want to go to Hell. I want to be in Heaven and I have no assurance of that in me.

Please help me.


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Renee's e-mail address is [omitted for privacy]. I haven't run into anyone on the net so demonized. Demons will phase her out and start typing right online in a minute! It is so awful. She is a black woman raising a 6-year old child on her own. She lives in a house her dad gave her. She was told this house was once rented to Satanists.

Renee burns herself. Her mother abused her and burned her growing up. After her mother died she started burning herself. I have tried to even get her to go to links like a link to "Spiritual Warfare Ministries" and she will type in that the demons won't let her! I doubt she will email you directly with your email name, but I can forward what she may write me about it. I just don't know what to do for her. I live all the way in NY and have a baby due to be born any day now. She attends an Apostolic Pentecostal church and those at her church don't think that demons can possibly indwell a Believer. She is a Christian and very suicidal. She is receiving secular help (a self mutilator support group). She has lost her job because of her problems and labeled with Bi-Polar right now. She has been hospitalized in the past and is afraid she will be again and lose her child.


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