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Common Demon Sightings

The following renderings are pictures of the five most common demons seen by myself and others around the world.

Keep in mind that as I share these with you, I have no Biblical basis for them. Rather, they are based on my experience

and the experience of others who write me from all over the world.  Most manifestations take place between 2am and 4am,

Though they manifest at other times as well. Keep in mind they are involved in your life when you choose to allow sin

to rule you. Submit to God in truth, and you need not worry about them.

The Top Hat Demon     

This Demon Spirit is the most common Demon seen of all. It will appear often in the bedroom at your bedside, and for

long periods of time. Aprox 6 ft in height and may appear in groups. It appears as a man figure with a top hat and a

trench coat. Mostly seen as a black figure, but at times shows a lighted face. Often the face is like a joker on a playing card.

It will laugh and mock you as well. They often stand still staring and or rocking back and forth as the stand over you.

It is associated with the following:

The Occult - False Religions & Doctrines - New Age - Witchcraft - Children's Toys, Games, & Books that are  

Connected to the occult, such as "Harry Potter Books" and Digi'mon -  Have your children seen this one?

The Shadow Demon       

This Demon Spirit  is mostly seen fleeting out of the corner of your eye, moving quickly through your home.

It is Aprox 6 ft in Height. Seems to appear in varied forms. A vapor of smoke as figure on the left, or a tall man as on the right

It is associated with the following:

Relationships and Emotions: Such as; Strife, Anger, Rebellion, Pride, Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Depression, Fear, Resentment.

Does your family constantly have strife and arguments? This demon type is involved with helping your sin.

The Hooded Demon   

    This Demon Spirit  is from 6 to 7 ft in height. A shadow figure with a hood and red piercing eyes.

 It is associated with the following:

 Sexual Perversion, Lust, Incest, Molestation, Homosexuality, Masturbation, Fornication, Rape, and Adultery.

Dwarf Demon 

 This smaller Demon Spirit is aprox 3 ft in height. Many people believe it is an alien (no such thing) yet it is actually a demon spirit.

It appears as grayish to greenish in color. It is actually a spirit of infirmity.

It is associated with the following:

Physical sickness and disease. All mental health issues

Lump Demon 

This Demon Spirit is aprox 9 ft in height. It usually appears as a large lumpy mass, sort of like a sack of potatoes.

 It seems to be a higher ranking demon, probably the stronghold or ruler demon over a person's home and or life

 (in charge of the other demons in your life and your family) This demon is rarley seen unless you are coming against

their rule in your life and resisting all the other demons. When you submit to God and resist the demons, their plans

and strategies for your life, this guy becomes angry and begins to harrass you. Stand against it in Jesus name.......

the demon can not prevail then.



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