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  Doctrines of Demons

Doctrines of Demons

This page is for the sole purpose of listing some of the recognized false doctrines of demons which hold people in captivity and have kept them from knowing the truth, therefore making their eternal destiny "hell". This list is by no means exhaustive. Any other belief system not listed here--besides faith in Jesus Christ alone--is also classified as a demonic doctrine.

All of these demonic doctrines have 3 things in common. Whether they are so-called "Christian" in appearance and name, or more deceptive, such as cults and false religions, they:

  • Do not line up with God's Word,
  • Do not follow God's plan for eternal life, and
  • Will condemn you to hell


If you are involved in ANYTHING listed below (doctrines other than Jesus Alone), please repent, renounce them, and turn to Jesus. Otherwise, you are demonized and held captive by demons! They have deceived you. If you believe or participate in any of these doctrines, you are lost and destined to eternity in hell! I am sorry that these words seem harsh, but don't get mad at me: take it up with God. HE is the standard of truth.

Each item below has a short description. This does not include the entire set of doctrinal beliefs, but rather, it illustrates some of the false teaching involved.





XWorks doctrine (Doing good things will get you to heaven)
XFalse deities (Saints)
XFemale goddess (Mary)
XIdol worship (statues and items)
XPopes and priests claim they can absolve your sins.

This religion is by far one of the largest cults on the planet that works for Satan. It has a form of godliness, but has destined itself and the people who believe in it to life in hell. (See 2 Tim. 3:5 and Rev. 2:18-3:6) The popes, priests, and Nuns will not go to heaven, and neither will the people who believe in the Catholic Church system.

Many of the beliefs in this cult come from the ancient Babylonian religions, mixed with some Christian views.


XOccult practices
XAge regression
XAstral travel
XReincarnation theories
XNo existence of an eternal heaven or hell
XChrist was merely a "cleared" individual
XMan is basically good
XMystical beliefs about the Spirit & relation to matter.


XKeeping of the Old Testament laws
XWorks and legalism doctrines


XOut-of-context Scripture interpretations
XChrist did not die for sins
XOnly 144,000 will go to heaven


XUse the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible
XDeny Biblical inerrancy
XSalvation by good deeds
XEvolving revelations and spiritual truth
XMan as an eternal pre-existent being.

Any "church" that teaches that in order to be saved you must be baptized, speak in tongues, keep the Sabbaths, keep the 10 Commandments and the laws, do more good than bad, or preaches "anything plus Jesus"is a doctrine of demons.

This includes:

XAny teaching that one can lose their salvation (Because this is a works-oriented doctrine)
XAny teaching that Christians cannot be demonized
XProsperity teaching
XHoly laughter

These are all doctrines of demons.

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Other World Religions

The Religion of Hate. This is Satan's personal favorite. There god they call "Alah" is actually a high ranking demon spirit. This is also the end time religion used to attack God's Children. The Qu'ran shows every sign of being a spiritistic revelation, similar to those coming out of modern-day New Age teachings. Even Mohammed himself thought at the beginning that he may have been possessed by a jinn (a demon). His fits, foamings at the mouth and other manifestations certainly fit in with that idea. Those who follow the Qu'ran have been deceived by a demon pretending to be God(Allah a demonic spirit). This religion is Satan's counterfit religion to the Bible. thus the very reason it is anti christian and anti Jew!!!! All Muslims are under demonic control, plain and simple. When they die by natural causes or by suicide bombs, they immediately arrive in the fires of hell.


XIdolatry worship
XSalvation by conduct
XNo Savior needed
XBecome a god through obtaining purity
XWorship of creatures (cow)
XCycles of rebirth


XKarma as a guiding force
XA form of witchcraft through ceremonialisms
XNo explanation of sin
XBuddha is god and Nirvana is a heaven

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These teachings all center around the belief that one can become a god (or like god) and/or can be recycled by being reborn through reincarnation (Just in case they didn't get it right this time, they can get it right in the next life).

New Age Beliefs and Practices can include:

XSpirit guides (which are demons, by the way!)
XOut-of-body experiences
XEarth worship
XMother Nature
Xand crystal power

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Astrology, tarot cards, psychics, mediums, use of the Ouija board, contacting the dead (actually demon familiar spirits), powers of the mind, spells, incantations, and potions.

This is all part of witchcraft. And sadly, many so-called Believers in Christ participate in this and have opened themselves to be legally demonized!

This is pure rebellion to God and the serving of the loser god, the stupid fallen angel named Satan. This area includes activities from the above paragraph plus: blood letting, sacrifices, oaths, soul travel, direct worship of Satan, complete rebellion, the worship of nature, and putting curses upon others. This also includes so-called "good witches" (called Wiccans or "white witches"). A witch is a witch in God's eyes, and none are good. A lot of people that get involved in this do it for the power trip. (If they want true power they should come to the One that is all power and gives it to His children: JESUS!) Do you realize that as a true follower of Christ that you have power over Satan, demons, and witches?

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Organizations / Groups

Read a full explanation of "What's Wrong with Masons?" here.

An off-shoot of the Mormon doctrine

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Myths and Theories

A man-made story so man does not have to be accountable for his sins. The belief that man can evolve into a higher being, and only the strongest survive. Many scientists, after years of trying to disprove God, are now starting to believe in creation.

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One must realize that the Holy Bible is in fact the true Word of God. Consider these amazing facts about the Bible's history:

  1. It was written by over 40 different authors over a 2000-year period by men who were led by God to write. Even so, it is written as if by one person (GOD)--an impossible task for man to do, since most of these men never met each other! God gave this book to us to reveal Himself to mankind so that we may know the way and the truth.
  2. All--yes, ALL--prophecies in the book have taken place as written (or are scheduled to take place in the future).
  3. Even scientific facts have given us undeniable evidence of the accuracy of the Bible. To this day, the discoveries of archaeologists continue to confirm the things written in the Bible.


No other book can make all of these claims!

The Bible contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners, and the happiness of Believers. Its doctrines are holy, its precepts are binding, its histories are true and its decisions are immutable. All other teachings came about over the years through men led by demon spirits. Some of these false doctrines were made and written long ago, and others in recent years.

You can find NO errors in the Bible, since God is perfect. If it were not true, why would so many people try to destroy it or rebel against it since the beginning of time? Have you noticed how it cannot be destroyed from the world? God said His words will never pass away (Luke 21:33). According to Scripture, other religions and cults are started through demons. (1 Tim. 4:1)

Man does not want to answer to a holy God and be accountable for his own sin. Unfortunately, since God is holy and just, He cannot tolerate sin. Anyone following anything or anyone except Jesus will answer to God and He will cast them into hell. There will be no excuses or 2nd chances. It is God's way or no way!

The Bible reveals the way through Jesus alone and His righteousness, not yours or your religion or cult or ideas. SORRY! READ THE WORD OF GOD! DO NOT FOLLOW MAN OR FALSE RELIGIONS. You are wasting your time searching for everything else. Give it up! It cannot help you at all.

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