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 1) Do not be deceived.....the Homosexual agenda is demonic and in full steam. No person is born gay. Homosexuality is a choice by a sinful lustful confused person. Today's youth have been brain washed that it is ok  and normal, thus most of them are experimenting with it and choosing. Once they do they receive a perverted homosexual spirit in them that seeks to destroy their life. Homosexuality is not normal and not right... it is however of Satan and very demonic and destructive. Wake up and stand for truth and what is right and normal and acceptable! Be sure to read the free teaching on being Gay at the home page!

2) Islam is Satan's greatest of all man made religions. It is fully demonic. All Muslims go to hell upon death since they serve Satan and not God, Jesus Christ. Their false prophet Mohamed was a very demonized man of hate and murder, given the task of forwarding the Satanic following of Islam to Mankind.  This religion and belief system is the very opposite of Gods Word. This is what Satan does, he imitates God but opposite. Thus the reason Islam has a prophet and Messiah and a god. This also is why they hate Christians and Jews. This is the most evil destructive demonic killing force om earth today and will be part of the end time tribulation and be-headings.

There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. It is impossible to be a Muslim and not follow the demonic teachings. If you know a Muslim, command their demon to be silent and still and then preach the true gospel to them. Some can be saved, but the majority will perish in hell. Do not buy into the religion of tolerance. They tolerate nothing apart from their demon god.  As a Christian you have a right to fight back and defend yourself if needed with force.  Keep in mind the Apostles carried a weapon at all times for self defense.

3) Be sure to prepare and stock up on food, water and weapons to survive the soon coming destruction of America by the anti God, Liberal socialist nut jobs. As Christians we must stand and fight against evil and is our duty to fight for good and right!

4) You can not be a true Christian and have voted for Obama and any socialist agendas nor can you be a Democrat and be a saved child of God. By supporting these New World Order nut jobs you go against God and His principles and commands. The agenda of abortion(sacrificing children unto the devil), anti Gun, anti God, anti free human will, taking from others and giving to the lazy are just a few examples. Repent if you voted for these types of Anti-Christ leaders. Obama is a proven Muslim that serves Satan.

5) Please be very careful when learning about deliverance. Most so called Deliverance Ministries out there are a mix of Christian teachings and occult mystical beliefs. These un- Biblical teachings will open you up to needless demonic torment. Examples of such ministries and or ministers are:

 Bob Larson,  Rebecca Brown,  just  to name a few.

Deliverance must be Biblical and not crazy way far out mumbo jumbo. Always follow 2nd Tim 2:25-26 as your model for true Biblical deliverance.

Only the truth sets one free....not a person or a book or some incantations. Submitting to God in truth will free you instantly. No need for long drawn out conversations with demons. Command them to be still and silent, minister truth to the person, when they choose to repent and submit....command the demons to go.! Unfortunately, I have to spend time re- teaching people who are caught up in the mumbo jumbo stuff. Many write me who had prior experiences with such people as mentioned above, that they are not free...and need help. Why? Because it is not some method or circus show that helps is pure truth alone.


6) Ministry needs keep increasing. Please help in whatever way you can. Visit the donations page for info on how to help. This site and my book have equipped Pastors, as well as, everyday people world wide with truth. God is awesome and glorified. Be a part of this ministry and sow a seed.


7) Be sure to tell your friends and church leaders about "The War Manual" available at most major bookstores or from the ministry Web site.


8)  Be sure to check out the pictures of the five most common seen demons and their functions. Go Now

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