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"Why Support This Ministry?"

I provide intensive, thorough, one-on-one help for hurting people. All of the services I provide are free. I work a full time job and run this ministry in my spare time. I operate completely off my own money (About 98%) and  any small financial gifts from people like you. While I love what God has called me to do, it does cost money to operate the ministry, and I need the support of God's people to help me keep it running free for all of those who need it.

Your financial gift will help cover the cost of:

  • Office supplies (paper for teaching materials, print cartridges, etc.)
  • Maintaining ministry computers.
  • Maintaining ministry web site and all fees. 
  • Expenses associated with developing new information (copying, buying research materials, etc.)
  • The countless hours and time I put into this ministry.

Donate with a credit card via secure PayPal

Send me an email with amount you wish to give and I will send you an email back with a Pay Pal money request from

Bill Niland, for that amount.

Email Bill Niland now >

If you are unable to support financially, then please support this ministry by your prayers and telling others so they can be ministered to.

This is, by far, more important than any money donated!

May the Lord bless you for giving to this ministry so that I may minister to others unhindered!

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