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Testimonies & Letters

These letters are posted here so you can see the reality of the freedom one receives after demons are cast out.

  • Last names and personal info are omitted for privacy
  • All letters are posted here with the express written consent of the author
  • Letters may be edited for spelling and grammar

Please Note:
All mail sent to Real Deliverance Ministries is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We will NEVER post anything here without your consent.

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The following types of stories will be accepted:

  1. How has this ministry helped you or a loved one?
  2. Your experiences with deliverance.
  3. Your comments or encouraging words.

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  Bill, before I found your ministry, I was a very lost person. When I was a child, I had a terrible relationship with my father. He was never very kind to me. He wasn't physically abusive, but I often felt neglected. My mother loved me and cared for me, but I had no fatherly figure in my life, as it was before I had been saved. Neither of my parents were Christians. In my teenage years, I became involved in many occult activities with my friends. My parents, not being believers, did not recognize the evils of games like Pokemon and movies like Harry Potter. I watched those movies and played those games with my friends all of the time, and it became a major problem for me.
I soon became obsessed with these things. Because I had never known the Lord, I felt no conviction for the sins I was committing. As I grew older and neared the end of high school, these occult activities had all but taken over my life. I found myself wanting to be a wizard, and, with encouragement from my friends, I attempted to find ways to cast these spells. On the day I was leaving for college, my father said to me:
"Am not you ever goin' to quit this wizard stuff and be a man, Patty?" I was obviously crushed by these words, as all I had ever wanted to do before was please my father. In college, I quit the occult obsessions, but I was still lost. I didn't find joy in anything, and I felt a presence during the night that was constantly pushing me to return to Harry Potter. Then I found your ministry.
Your ministry changed me forever. I read about you on your website and found that I could relate to you, because we both had bad relationships with our fathers. I decided to take a shot and buy your book. After I read it, I found the courage to combat the demons that tormented me and take control over my life. I cleaned up my act and went to church. I even came back to my father and was able to mend my relationship with him. When he saw all that I had done after reading the War Manual, he said,
"Son, I is proud of you." So thank you, Bill. You've helped me as a person and healed my relationship with my father.
- Patty R. R,  (October 2016)


I am so grateful for Bill Niland, I thank Jesus that He directed my steps to find his website and push me into having Bill personally look at my life and evaluate where my weaknesses are.  It’s one thing to read a book, a web page, talk to a friend; but you really need a person who you can talk to, someone who knows how the devil operates, someone you can open up to confidentially and share your concerns and show you honestly where you are letting the demon’s attack you.  I read a couple of books and read a lot of material and I would have never thought that the devil was attacking my understanding of salvation and the unforgiveness I was holding onto.  I am still asking God daily to help me understand how to forgive others like he forgave me but as far as my salvation goes, Bill showed me biblical scripture that assured me that there was no way that the devil was going to get me back and I was allowing these strongholds because of my misunderstanding.

Ephesians 6:14-17 finally clicked- “belt of truth” and “helmet of salvation”- these were where they were attacking me; once I understood that there was no way I could lose my salvation I was free- as Bill quotes from the Bible the “truth sets you free”.  Let me tell you- I was terrified of my bedroom, I didn’t like to go into it, sleep in it, was afraid demons were around me constantly.  Bill snapped me out of it with God’s word- he showed me where I was letting them have the upper hand- if you want to be free, let Bill see where you are, he will show you where you have given them upper hand and he will tell you how to free yourself and stay free.  I am not afraid, nor should I have even been.

Thank you so much Bill and may God bless you ministry immensely.

A Word of Encouragement 
I am a 19-year-old married young woman. My husband and I were both delivered through the En Fuego for Jesus ministry. We both love Jesus very much and we talk about the word everywhere we go. Before I was delivered I had a lot of hate and perversion. A demon manifested in me the night before I was delivered. This demon wanted me to die. It was making me shake very much and I could not stop it. Then I talked to talked a man named Tito, and he commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus. The next night my husband and I went to a hotel where they were staying and we both were delivered. I felt the anointing very much.
With Jesus in our lives, our marriage is so wonderful. We take everything to the Lord. The intimate part of our marriage is so great. My family does not believe in anything that I say about deliverance. Those demons have my family so strong. However, my husband's family does believe and they are also delivered.

We should walk with other holy people. We should put ourselves around other people who are also living for the Lord. Demons will use anything to get to us: toys, movies, cartoons, and even our family. We must stay in the word and in prayer. When you are out, make sure that you do God's work by talking about him and give your testimony. If you are embarrassed, that may be a demon and you must submit to God and command it out in the name of Jesus. I love my husband so very much but I love the Lord even more. He is coming for his bride without spot or wrinkle!!!


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A Warning About Chasing After Deliverance "Ministers" 

I belong to a fellowship in Georgetown, Ontario Canada named Mt. Zion Full Gospel Deliverance Ministries. I have been attending here for 6 years now. I was saved at what I would think was the lowest point in my life. Jesus indeed revealed himself to me supernaturally while a man was giving his testimony at a church which I would sporadically attend. He was involved in the motorcycle lifestyle and I could relate well to him as I, too, had serious addictions to alcohol and drugs. I broke down and cried so deeply that day, deeply sorry for the lifestyle I had chosen. And it was at that moment my life began to change.
First, I lost-or rather, the Lord drove out of me-the angry aggressive nature I had developed, and I no longer could stand the sound of heavy metal and rock music.
Later, I had my first experience with deliverance as it is commonly portrayed when a pastor, a man of good faith and character, prayed for me that the bondages of alcohol and drug use would be broken and the demons behind them would go. And I felt them go, and they are still gone today. 
But then, Bill, something happened and this is the reason I am writing you and I hope you might post this letter on your site as a warning and an example. Jesus in the gospel said to those who knew him best, "Take heed lest no man deceive you, for many will come in my name saying I am Christ" or in another sense, "...I am anointed."
For a time, (maybe a year to a year and a half) I ran all over the countryside, driving for hours looking for evangelists to give me a word or to pray over me. And believe me, when you get to looking for traveling preachers, you'll find there is no shortage. Most of them are versed in the technical in's and out's of deliverance and the prayers that are said. However, I found there was NO power in these prayers. And therefore I've concluded there is no power in these men. Only power enough to convince people that if they give money, God will pour out a blessing. Hogwash.
I have since stopped attending services of any and all religious denominations unless they too believe that Christians who are born again need deliverance and cleansing as they press toward the prize of the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. And I have since experienced many deliverances. Some were so real I could feel and even see the spirits come out of me when my pastor prayed and I renounced these works of darkness. And I expect it's not over yet.
So to those which belong to this fellowship and to those who belong to fellowships like ours all over the States and in Canada and abroad, those which see demons go...which see God change people from glory to glory, and who want to see God work mightily in your fellowship: Remember to get behind your pastor, support your church with your tithe and pray God will break through in your fellowship. I don't believe God is the one behind these church splits. Nor do I believe him to be sending all these men from church to church to give God's people a "word."
God's Word is everlasting and God is more than capable to reveal his will and cleanse you from all unrighteousness through his spirit using the people he has set up and ordained as the elders and leadership of your fellowship. 


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"Wow, I Did Not Know"

It all started when I was a freshman in high school. I was on the after school activity bus. The basketball players and I would go home on the same bus after b-ball practice. They would smoke pot every day after practice. The players would offer me to take a hit and I would say no. They asked and asked until one day I said yes. I tried it and I liked it, not knowing what was in store for me at that particular time. So I smoked weed all of my high school years at Lindbergh Sr. High. I thought it was a great thing to get high.
So when I got out of high school I did not become that professional b-ball player. For one, grades were bad and I'd rather skip class and hang in the halls all the time. Then it got to the point were I tried all kinds of drugs, such as: Tylenol pills, heroine, cocaine (crack), and many other drugs. Wow, I Did Not Know that by me trying weed, I would soon be trying other drug products.
But one day I was getting high on some heroine and some sort of pills, when my heart stopped for 11 minutes. I was with some friends getting high all day and Wow, I Did Not Know that this could have been my last day on this earth to live. I also went into a coma and stayed in it for 10 days. The drugs had caused me to be brain damaged, and I was in critical condition. The right side of my brain suffered the effects and it paralyzed the left side of my body. Wow, I Did Not Know that weed was setting me up for this kind of tragedy. I thought that all I was going to do was smoke weed, but I was tricked by the weed scheme.
I use a wheelchair now. I walk with a walker now to go to church and other short distances. My dreams of being a professional basketball player are destroyed. My reflexes to catch a ball are thrown off a great deal because of damaged nerves. "Wow, I Did Not Know" that drugs were trying to kill me. All I wanted to do was have fun, but drugs got very serious with me and tried to wipe me out. What a price to pay. 
So now I am in church thanking God for freeing me from drugs because He is the only one that can clean you up from any drug addiction. I owe it all to him and you have a chance to receive His cleansing power. Just go to Him and be real, because He knows whatÂÂÙs best for you. You are someone that he made and it hurts Him (Jesus) to watch you harm yourself. So get clean because you can be the next person to see a similar tragedy. Amen!
Thank you,
Miracle Child

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Dear Bill,
In 1997 I had been a regular smoker for approximately 16 years. I was 33 years old, and desperately wanted to quit; mainly because of social pressure. I was still under the delusion that I liked to smoke cigarettes.
As time went on, my health got worse. I would smoke even when I had pneumonia and bronchitis. My flesh craved smoking. I prayed for the Lord to deliver me (maybe as far back as 1996). In the meantime, I tried quitting by using the patch (2x) and never completed the steps--I just wasted good money. I tried the gum also; again a waste of money. I tried to quit "cold turkey." I never lasted more than a few hours.
In 1997 I found a church I liked and began going regularly. I had my pastor agree with me in prayer for me to quit. As soon as church was over, I'd smoke, repent, and smoke again. A week went by (after several months of prayer) and I decided that I would quit for the Lord's glory, to be a testimony to Him. I knew that if I ever were delivered, people would know it was a miracle because they had seen me struggle to no avail.
I turned my body over to Him. On 12-15-97 I was getting ready for work and I was "dying" for a smoke. I held off until I could no longer stand it. I said "Dear Lord, if you don't deliver me right now, I'll go and smoke a cigarette." and then I knelt down and prayed. (I was not threatening the Lord; I was telling him how desperate I was.) Immediately following "amen" I was delivered completely!
No withdrawals, cravings, or anything. I felt as if I had never smoked a day in my life! I was totally set free from that bondage. And that is what it is. It is a sin (because we are defiling our holy temples) and therefore, we open ourselves up to spiritual and physical bondage. No one who has never smoked knows how horrible an addiction this is. We got ourselves into it, but we have no power, apart from Jesus, to get out of it.
People who are dying of cancer and have trachs in their throats and still smoke are not ignorant and stupid: they are in bondage!! For about 6 months the devil would get me in my dreams and convince me that in real life I smoke, and in my dreams I quit. I wouldn't have cravings while awake, but at night he attacked me with this. It finally went away.
The Lord delivered me from "social drinkng" as well about 2 yrs prior. I slowly became allergic to any kind of alcohol. I couldn't even have one wine cooler. What I didn't know at the time was that He was preparing me to be a big testimony for Him. You see, 6 months after I was delivered from smoking, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My entire thyroid was removed, plus a golfball-sized tumor, and 3 of my 4 parathyroids.
One year later, the cancer returned and I had emergency surgery to have the tumor and all lymph nodes in my right neck removed. It took a year to recover before I could return to work, and then another 6 months to feel normal again (I was very weak and tired all the time).
But, the Lord has promised to restore me physically completely. (thyroids and lymph nodes don't grow back, normally). I believe God's promise and His word backs it up. This bondage and trials have allowed me to help edify other smokers and cancer patients. Everyone who knows me knows that only the Lord could have delivered me from cigarettes and 2 rounds of cancer, back to back.

My faith is stronger and I'm bold in my testimony as a result. Trials are no fun, but without the tests we have no testimonies.

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To all my Christian Brothers and Sisters,
I received Christ as my personal Lord and Savior 20 years ago; it has been a long journey. A long and winding narrow road, and on that road, I suffered--and learned about God in the process. But even though I knew I had Christ in my heart, and would go to church, and read my Bible, and pray, I had picked up habits that were keeping me in bondage.
When I first looked at Bill's website, I got interested in the nicotine addiction heading, and read what it had to say. I had never read anything that described exactly what I was doing to myself, others or God, until I read it. And I knew that this cigarette habit had to end. I e-mailed Bill. While guiding me through a deliverance from cigarettes, he recognized that I had another addiction that I was not aware of, which was sleeping pills. I had been on them for ten years, and in our correspondence I would reveal that I was having trouble with sleep. He began to counsel me and pray for me about my addiction to sleeping pills, and he stood in agreement with me one night for me to be delivered from the pills. It was a rough night, but everyday afterwards he would work with me on my problem--with encouraging words and much, much more...until finally, after ten long years, I am completely delivered from my addiction to pills. Thanks, Bill, for the guidance and prayers and support... and your stand to uphold Truth to me, no matter what.
Also through our correspondence, (which I encourage all of you to do who know you have Christ, and ARE with some kind of bondage or spiritual warfare), I was able to understand that I owned items that were from people that had come into my life who were into witchcraft. Bill showed me how to take authority over those items, as he revealed to me what they might be, and how to come against that kind of spiritual attack. 
I learned so much from Bill, and I can't tell you how relieved I am to have come to Bill and ask for help. My life is finally in order, and I am walking closer to God. And I am more knowledgeable about demon influences and how to take authority over it.

I hope in writing this letter that someone who may be able to identify with the same (or similar) problems will also find themselves emailing Bill for help, guidance, and prayer; and if need be, to receive complete deliverance in whatever area you're in need of it.
He is able to recognize demon activity, influence, or bondage. He does speak the truth. All is Scriptural, and he is a man of honor and integrity. You will be pleased upon getting to know him. And you won't regret opening up to him, as you will find that he will not judge, convict, or condemn you on whatever you reveal to him. He will only guide you to deliverance. Praise God for people like Bill Niland, who dedicate themselves in a ministry for the purpose of glorifying God and seeing God's people set free from bondage.
I know without a shadow of a doubt that the man has been called into this ministry, so God is behind all that he does. He is equipped to handle any and all situations, no matter what the bondage or spiritual warfare may be.
So for you fellow Christians who are afraid to come forward and confess that you may be in some kind of bondage, I encourage you to email Bill Niland , and introduce yourselves and let the ministry begin..............God Bless you all........And God Bless you, Bill Niland, for the many days of guidance and prayers and encouragement, and support you gave me, and for all those in the future.....

N.B., Texas
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FROM: Marisa
TO: Bill Niland
Dear Bill,
Hi, we once spoke via email many moons ago. I was struggling with the question of "Is masturbation a sin?" My church preaches it's neither, but for a young woman, I've been doing it since I was nine after being violated by a neighbor. The bondage of it being like an addiction; I hated this and used it to release emotional energy and rage while battling bulimia also. We'll, a Christian woman fasted for me and I got delivered from the bulimia. It's been 9 yrs now, but the other stronghold, hmm.... What to do?
Your advice helped. I admitted it to be a sin, something in me separating me from God in those moments of madness... so I fasted and the first night, dry heaved up green bile.. the next food only water.. heaved again green bile... last night totally fine.. then a week later, I realized this behavior wasn't around. It was and still is a miracle to me - it's only been 7 months now, but not ONE SLIP! The enemy has tried to get me in my sleep but I wake up and remember, "God gave me the victory," and it flees. Praise God! It's helped me in the area of purity and to be closer to God's Spirit.

San Diego, California

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