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About the War

Satan tries to make the Believer live a defeated lifeThere is an on-going cosmic war between those that belong to God's kingdom and those in Satan's defeated kingdom. All true Believers in Jesus Christ are of God's kingdom. Satan and his demons have already captured the Unbelievers in the world; but the real battle is between the Children of God and Satan's demons. Since Satan's army can not get at or defeat God Almighty, they are at war with God's children (Rev 12:17). Jesus already has defeated them at the cross and stripped them of all power over the Believer. However, they are still here until the end of the age, and the Believer must overcome them just as Christ has.

The Satanic army's main purpose is to cause the Believer to live a defeated Christian life. They seek to render the Believer useless to do the work of the Lord, and to even enslave the Believer to do the will of Satan (2nd Tim.2:25-26). Thanks be to God; He has given the Believer power and victory already (Luke 10: 17-20).

The Believer needs a few things in order to defeat Satan's army in this cosmic war. Almost all Believers go out into the battlefield with no weapons or armor. At the top of the list of things needed is a relationship with the Lord, (in other words, a connection with the head of the body--which is Christ). Second only to this is the need for Biblical truth and knowledge. God said, in Hosea 4:6,

"My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge."

With the knowledge in God's Word, the Believer can become fully equipped for battle. Some crucial things you need to know from God's Word are:

  • knowing your place in Christ
  • what weapons of warfare Christ has already given you
  • knowing the delegated authority you have over Satan and the demonic realm through Christ


Unfortunately, most churches today have already been deceived by doctrines of demons (1st Tim. 4:1). They teach Believers that this cosmic war was in old biblical times and is not relevant for today. I am sorry if you are reading this and you have been led astray. This false teaching gives Satan's army an advantage over the deceived Believer. Many Believers go down with no fight and an overwhelming sense of no hope. They are destroyed for a lack of Biblical knowledge and have accepted lies from the enemy (false knowledge).

All day long Satan's army captures unarmed Believers. Satan has no power over a Believer except what is given to him! (Romans 6:18-20) A Believer gives up his authority when he chooses to live in sin and disobedience, as well as by not living in the truth and knowledge of the sufficiency of Christ. Many are even taught not to fight or concern themselves with demons.

However, Satan and his army are fearful of a fully armed, fully equipped Believer. This type of a Believer knows how to overcome and defeat the enemy and send them retreating. The fully equipped Believer can even recognize the attacks or schemes of the enemy (Eph.6:11 & 16). The enemy must even obey the commands given by the Believer (Luke 10:17). The fully equipped Believer walks in faith, power, and victory.

You may be already enslaved to demonic forces or know someone who is...

If you would like to know how to stand and fight and live a victorious Christian life, then the "War Manual" is for you!

You will be exposed to God's truth and knowledge, and realize what has been missing in your Christian life.

Everyone is called to do spiritual warfare as part of the Christian life.
The truth will set you free!


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